Course programme


Proposed Course programme

Day 1 - 08:00 am
Registration : Tea/coffee
Session I, Paediatric Otolaryngology
9:00 am Inauguration
ENT Masterclass Report
Dr. Ranjith Jayaweera
Prof Shahed Quraishi
9:30 am A.D.K.S.N.Yasawardene Paediatric airway
9:50 am Emma Stapleton Paediatric hearing loss
10:10 am Coffee  
10:40 am Emma Stapleton Cochlear implant surgery
11:10 am Jaydep Ray Mastoid  surgery and  obliteration
11:40 am Arun Iyer Concepts of Endoscopic ear surgery
12:10 am S.B.Ethulgama Differential diagnosis and treatment of paediatric Neck lumps
Lunch & Trade Exhibition
Session II, Otology
1:30 pm Prof Shak Saeed Masterclass on CP angle lesions
2:00 pm Chandra Jayasuriya Vertigo
2:30 pm Jaydip Ray Implantable Hearing devices
3.00 pm Coffee  
3:30 pm Prof. S. R. Saeed Management of glomus tumors
4.00 pm A.S.Welendawe Otosclorosis
4.30 pm Otology Panel Moderator, Prof Shak Saeed
6.00 pm
End of  the sessions

Day 2
Session III, Rhinology/Facial Plastics
9:00 am Hesham Saleh Assessment for Rhinoplasty
9:20 am Ravindra Kirihene Chronic Rhinosinusitis
9.50 am Anshul Sama Systematic Sinus surgery
10:20 am Coffee  
10.50 am Hesham Saleh Complications of sinus surgery/CSF
11:10 am Nirmal Kumar Granulomatous disease of the Nose
11:30 am Anshul Sama Facial pain
12:00 am Rhinology Panel (Moderator, Hesham Saleh)
1:00 pm
Lunch & Trade Exhibition
Session IV, Head & Neck
2.00 pm M S Quraishi Evaluation of thyroid nodules
2:20 pm Faruque Riffat Neck dissections: Current opinions
2.40 pm Paul Pracy The role of open partial laryngectomy
3:00 pm Nick Roland Management of unknown primary
Carcinoma with cervical metastasis
3.30 pm Coffee  
4.00 pm Guri Sandhu Advances in Laryngotracheal surgery
4:30 pm Peter Clarke Approaches to the parapharyngeal space
5:00 pm Sanjai Sood Recurrent Salivary gland tumors
5:30 pm H&N Panel (Moderator, Faruque Riffat )
6.30 pm